2017 Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Levels

Fortune! Fame! Accolades! It can all be yours when you become a sponsor for the Myths and Legends Convention! There are many levels and options for sponsorship. We want to make our event even better while helping our friends in the community gain exposure with our attendees. Join our growing community!

Sponsorship Menu – Standard Options

This year, your sponsorship level buys you points, allowing you to choose the rewards you really want.

$25 – Serenity’s Compression Coil

  • 1 Sponsorship Point

$50 – Harry Dresden’s Staff

  • 2 Sponsorship Points

$100 – White Tree of Gondor

  • 4 Sponsorship Points

$250 – Dean Winchester’s Impala

  • 10 Sponsorship Points

$500 – Castle Black

  • 25 Sponsorship Points

$1000 – Police Phone Box

  • 50 Sponsorship Points

$2000 – Gringotts

  • 100 Sponsorship Points
  • Includes listing as a Convention Sponsor in the program and on the front page of the website.

All sponsorship levels include listing your name or company on the website on our Sponsors page.

Sponsorship levels $250+ include listing your company logo and a list to your website on the Sponsors page.

Example: A $250 sponsor receives 10 points. You could redeem those points in any of the following ways:

  • ½ Page Program Ad (8 points) + 1 weekend pass (2 points) = 10 points
  • ¼ Page Program Ad (4 points) + 2 weekend passes (4 points) + $25 merch (2 points) = 10 points
  • 5 weekend passes (10 points) = 10 points
Point Value Weekend Passes Convention Merchandise Advertising Vendor Spaces Etc.
1 $10 off one (1) weekend pass $10 toward merchandise
2 One (1) weekend pass $25 toward merchandise
4 Two (2) weekend passes $50 toward merchandise ¼ Page OR Banner

Program Ad

Listed as Area/Event Sponsor in the Program
8 Four (4) weekend passes $100 toward merchandise ½ Page

Program Ad

50% vendor space discount*
15 Full Page

Program Ad

Complimentary vendor space*
20 Full Page, Color Program Ad Two (2) Hotel Nights

* Vendor space rewards are subject to availability.

Contact us at sponsor@malcondenver.org to discuss what options work best for you! We look forward to working with you!


Sponsorship Menu – Build Your Own Options

  • Large Event Possibilities! Examples include:
    • Mad Hatter Tea
    • VIP Reception
    • Funky Formal Dance
  • Destinations within the Convention:
    • Boardgaming / RPG areas
    • Interactive Activities/Make and Take activities (e.g. Chainmaille 101)
    • Main Events
    • Panels, discussions and author readings
    • Planetarium
    • Vendor Room and Art Show
    • Video viewings
  • And More!
    • Cover cost of Guidebook app, Sound and A/V, or other behind-the-scenes costs
    • Provide or pay for attendee reusable bags (with your logo and our logo on the bags)
    • Lanyards with your name/logo ($250 – $400, depending on options)
    • Food, drinks, and other hospitality items for VIP lounge/Green Room/volunteer break room
    • Weekend snacks and drinks for volunteers or host the Volunteer Appreciation Party
    • Other giveaways for attendees

Other ways you can get involved:

Place an Ad in the program book Printing Needs
Ads range from $50 for ¼ page to $100 for full page (b/w only; contact for color options). Print convention items at a discount. Could include flyers, posters, signage, badges, and/or program book.
Convention Merchandise Nearby Restaurants:
Cover the cost of producing branded materials (i.e. t-shirts) for the convention, which could include your logo alongside the con artwork Advertise in Convention Program Book and offer a discount for con attendees who bring the ad.


Have an exciting idea not listed? Contact us and let us know! We’re happy to find creative ways to get the word out about your awesome business!

Myths and Legends is presented by Shiny Garden, a 501(c)(3) organization. Consult your tax professional for guidance.