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Welcome to the Myths and Legends Convention!

Dates: August 12 – 14, 2016
Location: Ramada Plaza Denver North

Convention Hours: Friday 5 pm – Midnight,
Saturday 9 am – Midnight, Sunday 9 am – 4:30 pm
Registration Hours: Friday 3 pm – 8 pm,
Saturday 9 am – 7 pm, Sunday 9 am – 3 pm
Vendor Hours: Friday 5 pm – 9 pm,
Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 10 am – 4 pm

We will be back at the Ramada Plaza Denver North at 10 E 120th Ave, Denver, CO 80233. (ask for group CGMAL4!)

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Westercon 71 Bid

Myths and Legends won the bid to host Westercon 71 in Denver in 2018! Find out more at westercon71.org.

Guest of Honor:
Jim Butcher

2016 Jim Butcher-Headshot-small

Author of Codex Alera, Cinder Spires, and oh yes,The DRESDEN FILES!

That’s right! Author Jim Butcher is our featured Guest of Honor for the Myths and Legends Convention 2016!

MALCon fans have been asking for a focus on the Dresden Files for a few years, and this year we’re doing it in style, bringing in the creator of the curmudgeonly yet well-loved wizard private investigator. Now if only we can get Main Events to look like McAnally’s Pub…

Musical Guest of Honor:
The Doubleclicks

2016-Performer-The Doubleclicks_small

The Doubleclicks are coming to MALCon!

The Doubleclicks are a nationally-touring, Billboard charting nerd band with a cello, a meowing cat keyboard, and songs about dinosaurs, Cats & Netflix, space and Dungeons and Dragons. Their YouTube videos boast over 2 million views and have been featured on BoingBoing, Kotaku, the Huffington Post, and on NPR shows “Live Wire” “All Things Acoustic” and “State of Wonder.” Find out more at http://thedoubleclicks.com.

Artist Guest of Honor:
Peri Charlifu

2016-Artist-Peri Charlifu-headshot

Peri Charlifu was born in 1962 in Alamosa Colorado, his Father was an art teacher and his Mother was a social worker. His Mother is now retired and living in Aurora Colorado. He grew up in Denver and Aurora Colorado, studying art from an early age and continuing to this day. He attended Metropolitan State Collage and studied Art, Psychology and combined his studies using Art as therapy. He now does Art full time.

Peri has been selling his work for 34 years, and has been selling almost exclusively in the science fiction convention market for almost 11 years. He teaches workshops and seminars in Pottery, sculpture and theory on a regular basis. He is Guild master for Art and Artisans and a founding member of the Stoneleaf potters guild.

Although an accomplished and proficient graphic artist, Peri’s first love is pottery. He is highly skilled in both Wheel thrown and hand-built work. He mixes all his own stains and glazes, and has developed an underglaze technique that he uses in 90% of the items he produces. At the time of this writing, Peri has produced over 37,000 pieces of pottery.

Musical Guest:
S.J. Tucker

2016-Performer-S.J. Tucker-headshot_front_page

S. J. Tucker came flying out of the Memphis music scene in 2004, guitar in hand and voice at the ready, and her feet have hardly hit the ground since. The varied elements of jazz, folk, blues, rock, goth-industrial and fairytales join forces and strike out for home in her storyteller’s playful fusion of styles. She tours extensively as a solo artist in the United States and Canada, also producing shows from coast to coast with her Celtic fusion trio Tricky Pixie, and often sharing the stage with the Heather Dale Band. S. J., called Sooj by fans and friends, loves her job best when she can fuse folklore and mysticism, to embody and strengthen the concept of that voice in the dark that leads us out of our comfort zone and into new worlds. Her lyrical subject matter zips unapologetically from the silly to the sacred and back again, now introducing a new pirate shanty or a drum-heavy crowd favorite like “Firebird’s Child”, now crooning a lullaby, a ghost story, or a hymn to the Trickster deities with equal ease. Sooj is very active as a performer and participant in the greater Pagan community and in various branches of scifi and fantasy fandom, and she is considered a vanguard of the Mythpunk movement. She is proud to contribute to the soundtrack of fannish life, and she lends her songs to its engine whenever possible.
Listen for free and join the fan family at http://sjtucker.com

Special Guest:
Sean Patrick Fannon

2016-Guest-Sean Patrick Fannon-headshot

Sean Patrick Fannon (aka “Big Irish” or SPF) – Brand Manager and Lead Writer/Designer for the Savage Rifts product line for Pinnacle Entertainment – has been professionally involved in tabletop RPGs, computer games, and entertainment for over a quarter-century. His dozens of projects have included Hero Games’ Champions product line; both West End’s and Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPGs; various World of Darkness books; and the Savage Worlds Epic High Fantasy setting, Shaintar.
He was the Events Coordinator for GAMA (helping run both Origins and GTS), and chronicled the entire roleplaying game hobby and industry in The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible, which sold over 10,000 copies. He worked for DriveThruRPG & RPGNow as the Marketing and Communications Director; during that period, he helped coordinate massive charity and relief efforts for folks like Doctors Without Borders and Feeding America, leveraging the RPG community’s generosity. He continues that tradition as a member of the Board of Directors for the RPG Creators Relief Fund.
Sean now focuses on his own gaming company, Evil Beagle Games (“Bad Dog. Good Games”), as well as his work for Pinnacle Entertainment Group. He’s working directly with Pinnacle and Palladium Books to create an entire line of books to bring the classic Rifts setting to Savage Worlds fans, which he says is his most challenging design project ever. He’s also working with Len Pimentel of Lakeside Games on a new version of the Prowlers & Paragons superhero game system, and has two settings – Modern Gods and Unending War – planned for later release for P&P.
You can follow his Pick of the Day – a daily showcase of both popular and hidden gem game products – at www.seanspickoftheday.com.

General Information:

What is the Myths and Legends Convention? We celebrate our modern myths and legends at our annual Convention. For 2016 we are focusing on Firefly, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Dresden Files .

Join us for tea dueling and dancing, panels and programs, make-and-takes and interesting guests, as well as a vendor room full of hand-made fan-oriented items and an art show with custom made items to enhance your body and home.


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See a write-up about Myths and Legends  Convention at examiner.com.

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