2017 Room Parties

Some of our attendees like to finish off a night of attending panels, dancing, and more by gathering together in a hotel room for a party!

We’ll list any known room parties below. If you’re planning on hosting one and would like it to appear here,  email info@malcondenver.org.

Please note that while we encourage our fans to celebrate safely, we ask that they do so with respect to their hotel neighbors by not making excessive noise after hours. Additionally, although we are happy to let people know about these parties, they are not run by Shiny Garden, nor is Shiny Garden responsible for any misconduct at these parties. Some room parties offer alcoholic drinks to attendees of age. Please party responsibly, and feel free to reach out to convention staff if you see something that should be addressed.

House Vampyr and the HMS Reliant chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy – Saturday night, Room 612