2015 Gaming

Games games games! Lots and lots of games!

Yes, it’s true, we have finally expanded the gaming section of the Myths and Legends Convention. What was last year’s vendor room is this year’s boardgaming and RPG area.


Open gaming throughout the weekend, hosted by our boardgaming head, Anna Schaer. There will be games for the deep, hard-core gamer all the way to fun, silly games, as well as great introductory games for folks who are new to “Euro-style” gaming.

Play to Win Games

Star Trek Catan

Donated by Time Well Spent
Celebrate 20 years of Catan with this fun space version. Fabulous illustrations and gorgeous pieces make this a must-own for any Star Trek or Catan fan.

La Isla

Donated by Time Well Spent
Easy to learn and fun to master, decide your roles and use your abilities in this fun and colorful game.

The Game: Spiel…so lange du kannst!

Donated by Time Well Spent
Nominated for 2015’s Spiel des Jahres (premier game award), The Game is a cooperative card game in a tiny box that places restrictions on what you can say during the game. See if you and your group can win!

Love Letter

Donated by Shep’s Games
See if you can get your Love Letter to the Princess before you are discovered by a rival. A quick and easy game for 2 – 4 players.

Apples to Apples

Donated by Shiny Productions
It’s as easy as comparing apples to apples. The original Cards Against Humanity, without the horribleness.


We have an amazing RPG program lined up with several exclusive events, including special preview modules for the next season of D&D encounters, previews for Savage RIFTS, and a single session of the upcoming Haiku! You can sign up to reserve your seats in advance until midnight on August 9th at https://warhorn.net/events/malcon-2015-rpg . We’ll then be closing down the prereg so we can prep for the con, after that you’ll need to stop by the registration table of the con to sign up. And remember gaming is FREE with your attendance to the con!!!

One of the jewels in this year’s convention. RPG area head Shawn Gore has been working with some of the top GM’s in town to create a fabulous schedule of games. You can see the whole list at Warhorn.net, or search for Myths and Legends Convention. You will need to create a free account at Warhorn.net in order to sign up in advance of the con, but it will guarantee you a spot in the games that you choose.

There is NO LIMIT to the number of games you can sign up for and there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for gaming!

MALCon RPG scheduling generously sponsored by Evil Beagle Games!

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Visit Evil Beagle Games’ Website.


Q: I’ve never played an RPG. What are they and should I try one?
A: RPGs, or role playing games, are fun and interactive. Think of it as a choose your own adventure with a small group of other folks and you make the choices together as a group. The setting can very, from a dungeon crawl or fantasy setting (think Lord of the Rings) to space (Firefly) to futuristic (5th Element).

If you’ve never tried one before, definitely give it a try! You may find a whole new thing you never knew existed that is a lot of fun for you, and if it’s not for you, you only spent a few hours to find that out. When you sign up, look for the sessions that say “Beginners Welcome”.

Q: What’s a GM?
A: That’s the Game Master. They used to be called DMs, or Dungeon Masters, but so many games are set outside of dungeons, the term has migrated. The GM is the person in charge of running the adventure. They tell you what is happening and can answer questions about the game, both rules questions (do I have the range shoot the orc from where I’m standing) and character questions (I climb up the tree, what do I see).

Q: What do you mean, no extra charge?
A: Some conventions charge one fee for entrance and additional fees for unlimited gaming or piecemeal games. We are doing neither. The Myths and Legends Convention badge covers all the gaming, as well as entry into any other convention activities.