2014 Schedule

2014 Schedule

Detailed Schedule Available Now!


Convention Map:


Main Events (located in Gallifrey)

Exciting large events happening at the con this year! All events are included in your general admission ticket, with the exception of the Hobbit Elevenses. (Tickets are available on Brown Paper Tickets for Hobbit Elevenses, and a limited number may be available at the door).

Browncoat Shindig – Friday 9:00pm
Featuring Pandora Celtica
Music and friendship. Hang out with your fellow Browncoats, old friends and new. Enjoy the stylings of Pandora Celtica while you drown your sorrows in some mudders milk. We’ll finish the evening with a rousing chorus to that esteemed hero of Canton.

Tea Dueling – Saturday 2:00pm
Featuring Tiffin Master Dame Ursula Whiffenpott
Hoist your biscuits and prepare to duel! Join Tiffin Master Dame Ursula Whiffenpott for a spirited Sudden Death Tea Dueling Tournament, sponsored by Dryad Tea! Never heard of a Tea Duel? Never fear! Tea Dueling requires only two things of its participants – steady hands and neat manners! Come test your nerves against your fellow con-goers! All participants recieve a complimentary cup of Dryad Tea!

Wizards Yule BallSaturday 5:00pm
Bring the family and put your wands in the air like you just don’t care! Dress up in your finest dress robes or represent your house or alignment in your favorite colors. Enjoy music and dancing and giveaways; friendly to all ages of witches and wizards.

Game of Thrones Murder MysterySaturday 8:00pm
Featuring The Kilted Man
Come enjoy a medieval themed Who-dunnit. Set before the show begins, it is hosted by a well known character from the book series and TV show. Attendees are welcome to participate (and will be given information upon arrival) or enjoy watching the mystery play out. As a bonus, we have three mysterous (and crocheted) dragon eggs that we will give away during the event!

Hobbit ElevensesSunday 11:30am
Featuring The Kilted Man and Tomas O’Dreams
Join us as we eat like Hobbits. Entertainment includes trivia, wandering Hobbits, a special musical performance by The Kilted Man and the wonderfully entertaining Tomas O’Dreams. $15 at the door.

Grand Galloping GalaSunday 2:30pm
Featuring Pandora Celtica
Welcome Everypony! Whether you’re a fan of the show or just a fan of having fun, this is an event everyone will enjoy. Pandora Celtica will be performing!

2014 Schedule!

We’re happy to announce our schedule has gone to print. Be the first to find and tell us about an error. 😀 (Click each image to enlarge)

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Panel Descriptions

Age Appropriate Reading: When They Tell You You’re Too Old or Too Young – Saturday | 3:00pm | Ponyville
Ian Brazee-Canon, Jodi Franklin, Sam Knight, L.H. Parker

We’ll discuss two sides of the same coin: in today’s market there is YA literature that many consider to have topics beyond a YA audience (Hunger Games, Twilight) while there are other who consider adults who read YA to be reading fiction well below what they should be reading. What’s the judgement and why should we or shouldn’t we care?

Are Authors Obligated to Write Anything Other Than the Story – Saturday | 10:00am | Ponyville

Quincy J. Allen, Betsy Dornbusch, Jodi Franklin, L.H. Parker, L.J. Hachmeister

Some say authors have an “obligation” to write stories and novels that are “inclusive” and “politically sensitive.” Is this the case, and how do authors walk the line between writing the story and acknowledging our changing culture?

Ashelon Character Creation – Saturday | 8:00pm | The Shire

Carolyn K. Fritz, Chaz Kemp

Join us for a rousing hour of brainstorming! This is not us telling you about our characters – this is your opportunity to help us create up to 6 minor characters for the world of Ashelon!

ASTRO 101 – First Year Astronomy for Witches & Wizards – Friday | 7:00pm | Room of Requirements, Saturday | 2:00pm | Room of Requirements

Tim and Stephanie Slater

Required of all first years students at Hogwarts, studying the names of stars and motions of objects in the sky in preparation for Ordinary Wizarding Level (OWL) exams.


ASTRO 501 – Fifth Year Astronomy for Witches & Wizards – Saturday | 10:00pm | Helm’s Deep
Tim and Stephanie Slater

Advanced Astronomy carefully studies the environments and motions of Jupiter’s moons in preparation for Ordinary Wizarding Level (OWL) exams.

Author Readings –
Friday | 8:00pm | Helm’s Deep | Van Aaron Hughes
Friday | 10:00pm | Ponyville | Author TBD
Friday | 11:00pm | Serenity | L.J. Hachmeister
Saturday | 1:00pm | Serenity | Quincy J. Allen
Saturday | 5:00pm | Serenity | Author TBD
Saturday | 6:00pm | Helm’s Deep | Lou Berger
Sunday | 1:00pm | Helm’s Deep | Author TBD

Our guest authors regale you with their writings.


Authors vs. Fans: Who Wants What? – Sunday | 2:00pm | Serenity
J.A. Campbell, Jake Spriggs, Mark Everett Stone


Blanket Forts – Saturday | 10:00am | Room of Requirements, Sunday | 3:30pm | Room of Requirements

Remember how much fun it was to make forts in the livingroom with couch cushions? Let’s do it again! This time we’ll be using blankets and tables to take us on our imagination journey to the ocean or stars – wherever we want to go!


Body Image and Sci Fi and Fantasy – Saturday | 10:00pm | Serenity
Heather Maloney, Michelle Talkington

Join WhoGirls.net and The Geek Port as they delve into body image and how Science Ficti on and Fantasy have paved the way and also hindered progress. From people of size to people of color, the crew will discuss the past, present and future of body image in film and television.


Broomstick Pencil – Sunday | 9:00am | The Shire

Learn how to make your own pencil-sized broomstick in this hands-on session.


Browncoat Trivia Challenge – Sunday | 12:00pm | Helm’s Deep
Colorado Browncoats

How big is your brain-pan? Test your Firefly/Serenity knowledge against other Browncoats for fun and shiny prizes. Not playing? Everyone is welcome to watch, cheer and in true Browncoat spirit…. mock! Hosted by The Colorado Browncoats.


Chainmaille 101: Costume Armor and Jewelry – Friday | 8:00pm | The Shire
Billy Van Ark

This hands-on class will walk you through the basics of making chainmaille (a.k.a. maille). We’ll cover the tools of the trade (pliers, rings, and patterns), and learn how to make a simple piece of maille that you’ll take home with you!

Closing Ceremonies – Sunday | 4:30pm | Gallifrey
We’ll pick the winners of the Barter Bag game as well as the Play-To-Win boardgaming event. Stick around for a weekend recap before we say our goodbyes until next year.

Combat in Science Fiction & Fantasy – Saturday | 5:00pm | The Shire
Paul Lell, Stant Litore, Jake Spriggs, Mark Everett Stone

Combat in SF&F. A discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly scenes of combat and action in Science Fiction and Fantasy. To include the differences between games, movies, and literature and examples of each. Also a discussion of the morality and emotional impact both upon the audience and the characters involved.

Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks and the Socially Awkward – Friday | 5:00pm | Ponyville

Jessica Brawner

Are you shy around new people? Are you uncertain in new social situations? Do you frequently misunderstand the term Personal Space? Do you want to know how to make your convention experience better? Bring your questions and join Jessica Brawner, author of Charisma +1: The Guide to Convention Etiquette for Gamers, Geeks and the Socially Awkward, for a frank discussion of these topics and more!

Costuming 101 – Sunday | 10:00am | The Shire

Erin Card, Dezzy Diamond, Tonya De Marco

How do you get into costuming and cosplay? We’ll discuss what you need to know to decide which cosplay to make, how to research for the project, how to find or make wigs, props, clothing, armor, etc, and finally, how to take care of yourself and others while in costume. Great for beginners and those in a rut that need a little push back into the hobby!

Production and Work Strategy For the Artist – Saturday | 8:00pm | Ponyville

Peri Charlifu

It is important to maximize both your time and resources to make the most of your art. We will discuss strategies for production and ways to increase your output.


Cross & Mixed Genre Authors – Saturday | 11:00am | Room of Requirements
Quincy J. Allen, Paul Lell, Stant Litore

What are the ups and downs of being a cross-genre author? It’s not all roses, but its also not eating the same burger day after day after day.


Dancing with the Dead – Saturday | 11:00pm | Gallifrey

It’s Game of Thrones; everyone is still alive at the end, right? Come finish the night with music and dancing and your favorite characters.

Demos and Q&A with Rashaad Santiago – Friday | 9:30pm | Room of Requirements

Rashaad Santiago talks about his experience on Face Off and shares his tricks talents with the audience.


Doctor Who Series 8 – What to expect? – Saturday | 9:00pm | Serenity
Heather Maloney, Michelle Talkington

Join WhoGirls.net and The Geek Port as they host an open discussion about Series 8 and how fans can celebrate. No spoilers allowed from leaked scripts or episodes.


Draw Off – Sunday | 11:00am | The Shire
Zoe Frazure, Chaz Kemp, Jody McDonald, Kathryn Renta

Artists team up with the audience to form teams and pit their creativity against each other. To make it a fair competition, we’ll pick out an audience member(s?) to judge.


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – Saturday | 9:00pm | The Shire

Enjoy singing along with your favorite bad guy as he blogs his way through his journey to join the Evil League of Evil. Will he get the girl? What about his nemesis, Captain Hammer?


Electronics in Costumes & Props – Saturday | 11:00am | The Shire
Erin Card and Crew

If you’re ready to take your costume or prop to the next level of awesomeness, adding lights, sounds, or moving parts will put you there and beyond. Come see some of the incredible possibilities of costume electronics and the hows and wheres of getting started on your own projects!


Evolution of The Doctor – Saturday | 4:00pm | Ponyville
Heather Maloney, Michelle Talkington

Join WhoGirls.net and The Geek Port as the discuss each actor who portrayed The Doctor in “Doctor Who” and what they brought to the role and franchise.


Fan Art: From Parody to Plagiarism – Sunday | 9:00am | Serenity
Zoe Frazure, Chaz Kemp, Jodi McDonald

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and many new artists carve out their skills by emulating their idols. We’ll discuss what’s fair game and what’s not.


Favorite Heroes in Harry Potter – Friday | 8:00pm | Ponyville
Dana Bell, Carolyn K. Fritz, Ashlyn Ross

Who was your favorite Harry Potter hero and why? This will probably also turn into who was your favorite HP villain.


Favorite MALCon Activities – Sunday | 3:00pm | The Shire

Missed some of our activities or want to revisit something you really enjoyed? Now’s the time to enjoy the last minute fun and frivolity

Fumbles and Frak-ups – Friday | 8:00pm | Serenity
Peter J. Wacks

Peter talks about some of the ‘worsts’ that have happened- some humorous, some not so funny.


G.R.R. Martin Outside GoT – Saturday | 4:00pm | The Shire
Jessica Brawner, Van Aaron Hughes, Jake Spriggs

Has Martin done anything outside of GoT? What is it and how does it compare?


Game of Thrones Prophecies (Book and TV Spoilers) – Friday | 7:00pm | The Shire
Ana MacDonell, Betsy Dornbusch, Dana Ritterbusch

From Maggy the Frog to Azor Ahai. Learn about GRRM hidden meanings, destinies, and twisted plots. Uncover the secrets scattered over the 5 books. Discover the fate of your favorite characters. These are the story lines missing in the tv show. There will be SPOILERS. Come at your own risk!!


*CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS* Game of Thrones: House Feud (Book and TV Spoilers) – Sunday | 9:00am | Gallifrey
Ana MacDonell

Focusing on the Game of Thrones television show, answer trivia and win prizes!


Game of Thrones: Stick to the Source or Leave Everyone Guessing? (Book and TV Spoilers) – Saturday | 12:00pm | Serenity
Thomas A. Fowler, Paul Lell

With “The Walking Dead” diverting far away from many elements of its source material, the question arises concerning what fans of Game of Thrones expect? Do they want creative licensing or does the fact that characters that are still alive in the books as of now, but have met their demise in the show, pose a real problem? Should Weiss and Benoiff keep the moments of catharsis the loyalists expect in there or create a different experience to keep the audience on their toes?


Game of Thrones: The Band Wagon (Spoilers Probable) – Friday | 6:00pm | Helm’s Deep
Thomas A. Fowler, Paul Lell, Peter Wacks

What is the G.R.R. Martin Bandwagon all about? And why are so many people jumping onto it?

Heroes and Monsters: What Separates the Two? – Sunday | 10:00am | Helm’s Deep
Guy Anthony De Marco, L.J. Hachmeister, Sam Knight

In modern and ancient times, there are figures who straddle the lines, being both monstrous and heroic. We’ll discuss what separates the two, whether monstrousness is something characters are born to or if they have a choice, and whether heroes are those who are born to it or if they transcend their own monstrousness to become great.

Hollywood and the Comic Book Industry – Saturday | 6:00pm | Serenity
Zoe Frazure, Chaz Kemp, Jodi McDonald, Kathryn Renta

Notice how many comic books are being made into movies these days? What’s up with that? But it doesn’t only go one way. The Firefly graphic novels gave fans a new way to stay in a most beloved universe.


How Not to Get Published – Saturday | 5:00pm | Ponyville
Guy Anthony De Marco, Sam Knight, Peter Wacks

Discuss some of the pitfalls involved in the pursuit of a writing career. What are some of the gotchas and consequences? Authors will talk about their experiences and, in some cases, how they’ve shot themselves in the foot.


How To – Pitch Sessions with Peter J. Wacks – Saturday | 1:00pm | Ponyville, Saturday | 8:00pm | Helm’s Deep

Learn the fine art of pitching your project. Audience participates and gets pointers on their pitches.


How to Be an Effective Game Master – Saturday | 7:00pm | Helm’s Deep, Sunday | 12:00pm | Ponyville
Jason Evans and BakuDan

Have you ever run a game that fell apart or left folks wanting? Have you had payers arguing during combat about rules? Or just curious about how to run a great campaign? We can help! With over 40 years of combined experience, we will give you concrete actions you can take immediately to make your games better. Your stress levels will go down and your players will be begging to play again! Panel on organization, game themes, character development and Cooperative Story Telling. A good role-playing game should act and feel like a good piece of fiction. There should be challenges, failures, hard decisions, and eventually triumph. Show game masters how to simply organize an evening of memorable entertainment.


How to Write Circular Gallifreyan – Sunday | 2:00pm | The Shire
Billy Van Ark

Come learn how to write like a Time Lord using the fan-created Circular Gallifreyan.


Kilted Man Unplugged – Friday | 5:00pm | Serenity
Matthew Gurnsey

Fall into traditional Celtic tales as The Kilted Man performs traditional Irish and Scottish music with a heavy dash of wit, finesse and a bit of charm.

LGBT in Media: Is it a Brave New World Yet? – Saturday | 10:00am | Room of Requirements
Lou Berger, J.A. Campbell, Kronda Seibert

The face of our society is changing. As a result, the face of fiction and fandom is changing. How has the LGBT movement affected mass media and even fandom?


Live Model Drawing – Friday | 9:00pm | The Shire, Saturday | 9:00pm*(CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS* ) | The Shire
Kathryn Renta

Live model drawing doesn’t have to be boring! Come hone your skills in an hour long session of timed poses with music and costuming.


Make a Wizard WandSaturday | 10:00am | The Shire
Make your own wizard wand! (Magic not included.)


Make Your Own Cutie Mark – Saturday | 9:00am | The Shire
Sawyer and Max Slater

Make a cutie mark that reflects your personality and talents!


Marketing for Writers – Saturday | 10:00am | Serenity
Guy Anthony De Marco, Thomas A. Fowler, Paul Lell, Peter Wacks

Don’t publishers handle all that marketing mumbo jumbo? In this booming era of indie authors, hybrids, and small presses, what does it take to get your name out there? How does a writer market him or herself?


Merging Steampunk and Fantasy – Sunday | 1:00pm | The Shire
Carolyn K. Fritz and Chaz Kemp

Carolyn & Chaz will discuss laying the ground work for creating a believable world using the elements of Steampunk and fantasy.


Mind Melding – Artist & Author – Saturday | 11:00am | Serenity
Guy Anthony De Marco, Carolyn K. Fritz, Chaz Kemp, Kathryn Renta, Stan Yan, Christopher M. Salas

With a focus on graphic novels, how can creative people meld minds to engender amazing fiction with a strong visual backdrop?


Modesty in Cosplay: Don’t Like to Show a Lot of Skin? – Friday | 7:00 | Serenity
Tonya De Marco, Carolyn K. Fritz

Discuss ways to modify your costumes for your comfort level.

Muggle Astronomy in the Planetarium
Friday | 8:00pm | Room of Requirements
Saturday | 1:00pm | Room of Requirements
Sunday | 12:00pm | Room of Requirements
Sunday | 1:00pm | Room of Requirements
Sunday | 2:00pm | Room of Requirements
Tim and Stephanie Slater

Come enjoy a look at the stars from inside with scientists Tim and Stephanie Slater. Kid friendly and approved!


NaNoWriMo: What, When & Why – Sunday | 12:00pm | Serenity
Jessica Brawner, J.A. Campbell, Ashlyn Ross

The ins and outs of writing for NaNoWriMo. Why is it a good training ground for writers new and old?


Once More With Feeling – Saturday | 10:00pm | The Shire

Didn’t get enough with Dr Horrible? Stick around and watch the best musical episode of Buffy! Watch out for the bunnies!


Overdue for a Female Who? – Sunday | 1:00pm | Ponyville
Ian Brazee-Canon, Tonya De Marco

There were rumors galore about the 12th Who being female. Good thing? Bad thing? Was it catering to the “strong women” themes throughout the industry and how would it have affected the whole of Who-dome (if at all)?


Pandora CelticaSaturday | 12:00pm | Gallifrey

Let top Denver band Pandora Celtica transport you to stormy seas and places of dreams and myth as they perform their dark faerie Celtic songs acappella style.


Peter J. Wacks on Editors, Publishers, and GenresFriday | 9:00pm | Helm’s Deep

Why genre decisions are made, and how creative projects are decided on by editors and publishers.


Podcasting in the Geek Future – Friday | 9:00pm | Ponyville
Geek Street Society

Join our media sponsors for a panel on the importance of podcasts in the geek culture, and how GeekStreetSociety is taking it to the next level.


Pony Music VideosFriday | 9:00pm | Serenity

Mic the Microphone, The Living Tombstone, and Ken Ashcorp lead the herd in creating original music and videos for the My Little Pony fandom. Come check out some of our favorites.


Pony Tail Making – Sunday | 12:00pm | The Shire
Luna Shore

Come to this no-sew project panel to make your own pony tail out of yarn. All ages.

Powderkeg Topics: The New Witchunt – Saturday | 9:00am | Ponyville
Lou Berger, Betsy Dornbusch, Kronda Seibert

If you follow the sci-fi world, then you probably know about SFWA and last year’s witch hunt. There is a time for being politically correct. There’s a time for being aware of hot topics. But there’s also a point when people break out pitchforks and start burning innocent victims at a wooden stake. Which and when?


Can You Make a Living Drawing Cats With Wings? – Sunday | 9:00am | Helm’s Deep
Peri Charlifu

We will discuss making a living doing nothing but convention art and speculative art pieces. We will talk about other places to sell your work other than bookcovers or game-cards. We will also discuss pricing strategies and market reviews.


Quick-Build Lego Contest – Saturday | 12:00pm | The Shire
Willm Ryan

Come join us for three hours of construction-block, brick-building fun. Sort through a hundred pounds of Lego, Mega-block, Kre-O, Character-Builder, and other brick-types to find that which fires your fandom. Come build your very best Hobbit Hole, Chamber of Secrets, K-9, Pony, or plastic rocket. This event is open to kids of almost all ages (we want to be careful with the little ones, as most bricks double as bite-sized morsels). For those who wish to enter their creations, the final hour will involve judging by self-styled, Lego Masterbuilders. FANtasic brick-based prizes will be awarded to all who participate.


Quick-Build Lego Judging – Saturday | 2:00pm | The Shire
Willm Ryan

Final hour of the Quick-build contest.


Rashaad Santiago – Fantasy Prosthetic Application – Sunday | 9:00am | Room of Requirements

Want a little more “grrr!” in your Gremlin, a little more “arrr!” in your Orc? Season 6 Face-Off winner Rashaad Santiago will demonstrate his techniques by applying brow pieces, horns or other pieces to a few select audience members. Hobbitses beware!


Reading Game of Thrones – Saturday | 7:00pm | Ponyville, Sunday | 2:00pm | Ponyville

The intrigue, heartbreak and complexity of Westeros as read by our guest authors.

Reading Harry Potter – Saturday | 8:00pm | Serenity Sunday | 10:00am | Ponyville Sunday | 3:00pm | Serenity

Come listen to the story of our favorite boy wizard as read by our guest authors.


Reading Lord of the Rings – Saturday | 9:00pm | Ponyville, Sunday | 11:00am | Helm’s Deep

Take a trip through Middle Earth with our guest authors.


Real Biology: Creating Species in Fiction and What to Watch Out For– Saturday | 9:00am | Serenity
Dana Bell, Guy Anthony De Marco, Aaron Spriggs

With the help of an actual entemologist, we’ll discuss creating weird, alien species that have the real-life feel that good fiction needs.


Seasons of Westeros – Friday | 10:00pm | Serenity
Stephanie Slater

Winter is coming, but when? We’ll discuss which theories of planetary motion provide scientifically plausible explanations for the extreme seasons of Westros. Audience participation encouraged.


Sex and Violence in YA Lit (Sam Knight Moderator) – Sunday | 1:00pm | Serenity
Dana Bell, Sam Knight, L.H. Parker, Jason Evans

With books/movies like Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight, what is too much for sex and violence in books that are supposed to be for young adults. How much if any was too much for Harry Potter, LoTR, and The Hobbit?


*CANCELED* DUE TO ILLNESS – Sherlock: Observation and Deduction– Saturday | 7:00pm | Serenity
Ana MacDonnell

Exactly how much of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes can be seen in the BBC series Sherlock? This panel compares the original stories to BBC’s modern day take on the world’s most famous detective. We will show how much has come from the original stories and what has been tweaked in the series. Warning: there will be spoilers if you haven’t seen the series. There will be a raffle for prizes, but must be present at the end to win.


Solving Gender Challenges in Geekdom and Media – Sunday | 10:00am | Serenity
Quincy J. Allen, Lou Berger, Betsy Dornbusch, Kronda Seibert

The discussion continues, but now with a focus on solving the problem. What are the solutions for Cons and media venues alike?

Storytelling and Fairy Tales – Saturday | 3:00pm | The Shire, Saturday | 7:00pm | The Shire
Tomas O’Dreams

Tomas O’Dreams has been entertaining both adults and children since 1987. Tomas is quick to tell a story or share the secrets of Fairy life to those who listen. Usually this trickster can be seen at Renaissance Festivals and Fairy Events around the Colorado area.


Strong Characters Without Stereotypical Male Tropes – Saturday | 12:00pm | Ponyville
Kronda Seibert, Jake Spriggs, Jason Evans

With the history of mass market fiction such as it is, are there “strong” archytypes that aren’t “male” archytypes? Of so, what are they? How have these archytypes changed over the past five years and where are they headed?


Strong Female Characters at Hogwarts – Sunday | 11:00am | Ponyville
Stephanie Slater, Michelle Talkington

Let’s investigate how the female characters at Hogwarts uniquely frame, shape, and drive the story based on their unique perspective on the way women interact with the world.


Sympathetic Villains – The New Master & Doctor Horrible – Friday | 7:00pm | Helm’s Deep
Ashlyn Ross, Christopher M. Salas

The old Master was patently evil. A nasty curmudgeon with nefarious designs. The new Master was made into a sympathetic villain of galactic proportions. How does this change Who and how do sympathetic villains change our take on fiction?


The Etiquette of NaNoWriMo – Saturday | 12:00pm | Room of Requirements
Jessica Brawner, Sam Knight, Aaron Spriggs, Ashlyn Ross

Learn why December 1st is one of the most despised days of the year by industry professionals everywhere. We ask the questions, “What is NaNoWriMo for? What should I do, or not do, when November comes to an end?”


The Floor is Lava! – Saturday | 11:30am | Room of Requirements

Drop your jacket and make an island! Step on the blankets and pillows and don’t touch the ground, because the floor is lava!


The Hobbit: 1, 2 or 3 Feature Films? – Saturday | 2:00pm | Serenity
Quincy J. Allen, Jodi Franklin, Mark Everett Stone

There’s been plenty of hub-bub about The Hobbit being too long and not deserving of three films. This discussion will go over the pros and cons.

The Kilted Man – Friday | 7:00pm | Gallifrey, Saturday | 11:00am | Gallifrey, Sunday | 2:00pm | Helm’s Deep
Matthew Gurnsey

Fall into traditional Celtic tales as The Kilted Man performs traditional Irish and Scottish music with a heavy dash of wit, finesse and a bit of charm.


The Other Side of the Canvas: A Comparison of Digital & Traditional Media– Friday | 5:00pm | The Shire
Zoe Frazure, Chaz Kemp, Kathryn Renta

Like most aspects of modern life, art has made a stunning transition into the digital world. But the canvas still has its draw. The artists will discuss the benefits of both and what which they prefer.


The Sex of Game of Thrones: A Brutal World or a Disturbing Viewpoint (Book and TV Spoilers) – Saturday | 6:00pm | The Shire
Thomas A. Fowler, Van Aaron Hughes, Stant Litore, Kathryn Renta, Kronda Seibert, Betsy Dornbusch

The television show has received much criticism for excessive nudity and sex scenes. However, one aspect that has gained much notoriety is the nature of the sex scenes. Consensual sex is passed over while violent assault occurs for minutes on end during casual conversations. We discuss whether the show fetishizes sexual violence or if it is within context of a brutally deceptive world. PG-13


The SFWA Debacle: Mysoginy & Bigotry In Fiction – Saturday | 4:00pm | Serenity
Lou Berger, Peter J. Wacks

The war rages on. SFWA’s reputation continues to get sullied by blogs as a result of the “Cover in Question” and the Resnik retort. What does this mean for SFWA and how is this on-going debate affecting genre fiction as a whole?


The Trials and Triumphs of Short Fiction – Saturday | 9:00am | Room of Requirements
Quincy J. Allen, J.A. Campbell, Jodi Franklin, Van Aaron Hughes

Discuss what it’s like to work the short fiction market, from getting into Gratis Anthologies all the way up to Pro sales. How do you climb that ladder, and what’s the fastest route into the big leagues?


Presenting Your Art – Saturday | 6:00pm | Ponyville
Peri Charlifu

Bring your creative thinking cap and try your hand at trivia on mythology, legends, and religion and interconnections between them. Covering multiple myths and fantastical mythologies (Lovecraft, Tolkien, etc). Winners announced at the Galaxy Fest table Sunday am.


: this panel shows beginning artist how to present their art in a professional way and not break the bank. It is important to look professional at shows and does not take much to do it.

Unsung Heroines of Fandom – Friday | 7:00pm | Ponyville
Jessica Brawner, Kronda Seibert

With Professor McGonagall as a starting point, who are some of the great unsung heroines of fiction/fandom? Who do we revere and why? The same goes for villanesses.


Voices of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality – Sunday | 11:00am | Serenity
Eneasz Brodski and Guests

Eneasz Brodski talks with voice actors from his podcast “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” about voice acting, the creative process, and podcasting fiction. Featuring Brian Jones (voice of Snape) and the anon actress who voices Hermione.


Welcome to the World of Ashelon – Friday | 6:00pm | The Shire
Carolyn K. Fritz, Chaz Kemp

An introduction to the Steampunk saga known as Ashelon. Brought to you by our very own Carolyn K. Fritz and Chaz Kemp.


What Was The Golden Age of Fantasy? – Saturday | 3:00pm | Serenity
Lou Berger, Van Aaron Hughes, Aaron Spriggs

Was it the D&D Era? Tolkein? How far back does it go and how do we even define it? And can what was fact be considered fantasy through the looking glass of time?


Where Does Firefly Go From Here? – Friday | 6:00pm | Serenity
Tonya De Marco, Jake Spriggs

So Firefly was cut short. There are rumors of a graphic novel. There are rumors of a restart. Can what was be resurrected into what is? Should it be? If so, how?


Who’s Your Favorite Who? – Friday | 6:00pm | Ponyville
Dana Bell, Jessica Brawner, Ashlyn Ross, Aaron Spriggs

Just like it sounds. With 11 to choose from and a 12th on the way, which is your favorite and why?


Why Firefly Was Cut Short & Why Do We Want it Back – Friday | 5:00pm | Helm’s Deep
Ian Brazee-Canon, Guy Anthony De Marco, Christopher M. Salas

An entire generation of geekdom is scratching their heads about the end of Firefly. Why was it cut short and how can fandom prevent the best from getting chopped by studio execs?

Wonderflex & Worbla – Saturday | 9:00am | Gallifrey
Erin Card and Crew

We’ll share tips and techniques for getting started with a couple of favorite materials for creating futuristic and fantastical costume parts. THEN! You get your own piece of material to make and take your own costume element! By the time you leave, you’ll realize creating epic armor isn’t as scary as it seems. This one you won’t want to miss!


Writing Series: Getting Pigeon-Holed – Saturday | 11:00am | Ponyville
J.A. Campbell, Betsy Dornbusch

Authors frequently become famous for writing that one great EPIC series. And when they step outside those boundaries, they fall flat? What are the perils of getting pigeon-holed in your own series? (vis-a-vis Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling)


*CANCELED DUE TO ILLNESS*  Yoga with Kasia – Friday | 5:30pm | Room of Requirements, Saturday | 9:00am | Room of Requirements
Kasia Ward

Join Kasia in some gentle stretches and body movements with a bit of fun and humor mixed in. All abilities welcome.


Yoga with Tracesea – Saturday | 11:30am | Room of Requirements

Join Tracesea in some gentle stretches and body movements with a bit of fun and humor mixed in. All abilities welcome.

Gaming Room

Open gaming with scheduled RPGs and boardgames. See schedule for specific games and check the room for any additions. Drop in anytime!

Gaming Library:

Settlers of Catan – Friday at 6:00pm

New to boardgaming? Play the classic that jump-started the modern era of gaming. Harvest resources and expand your colony by building settlements, roads, and villages. 3-4 players, 90 minutes; 5-6 players, 120 minutes


Power Grid – Friday at 8:00pm

Players take on the role of power companies. Buy new power plants, and the fuel to power them. Build connections to new cities and light them up! 2-6 players, 120 minutes


Lords of Waterdeep – Saturday at 9:30am

Players take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep, secret rulers of the city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city. 2-5 players, 60 minutes


Tichu – Saturday at 11:00am

A partnership trick-taking card game with some unique twists. 4 players, 60 minutes


The Scepter of Zavandor – Saturday at 12:30pm

Players are young magicians who have gained possession of old magic knowledge, and with it they attempt to achieve the powerful position of archmage. 2-6 players, 90 minutes


Lord of the Rings – Saturday at 3:30pm

In this co-operative game, each player plays one of the Hobbits in the fellowship. The game is lost if the ring-bearer is overcome by Sauron, or won if the ring is destroyed by throwing it into the volcanic fires of Mount Doom. 2-6 players; 120 minutes


Firefly: The Game – Saturay at 6:00pm

Players captain their own Firefly-class transport ship. As a captain desperate for work, players are compelled to take on any job – so long as it pays. 1-4 players, 240 minutes


Alien Frontiers – Sunday at 9:30am

Alien Frontiers is a game of resource management and planetary development. Use orbital facilities and alien technology to build colony domes in strategic locations to control the newly discovered world. 2-4 players, 90 minutes


Elder Sign – Sunday at 11:30am

Elder Sign is a fast-paced, co-operative dice game of supernatural intrigue. Players take the roles of investigators racing against time to stave off the imminent return of the Ancient Ones. 1-8 players, 90 minutes


Stone Age – Sunday at 1:30pm

Players are sent back to the dawn of mankind in this resource gathering game. Collect food, wood, stone and gold to get better tools and engage in trade. 2-4 players, 60 minutes


7 Wonders

Lead one of the seven great cities of the Ancient world. Gather resources and grow your civilization! 2-7 players, 30 minutes


Boss Monster

Inspired by a love of classic video games, Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game pits players in a competition to build the ultimate side-scrolling dungeon. 2-4 players, 20 minutes


Cthulhu Dice

Destroy your opponents’ sanity! Better yet, steal it. But watch out for Cthulhu – when he comes up, he takes sanity from everyone! 2-6 players, 5 minutes



It’s the classic suburban conflict of unreturned tools, loud music, and prize-winning garden gnomes. 2-6 players, 15 minutes


Five Crowns

Five Crowns is a fast paced, ingenious new card game. Its double deck contains five suits, but it has no Aces or Twos. 2-7 players, 30 minutes



Fluxx is a card game in which the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. By playing cards, you change numerous aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win. 2-6 plaers, 15-30 minutes


Hot Rod Creeps

Customize your Hot Rod with a new Engine, Weapon, Pit Crew, or set of Wheels. Customize your racetracks, make them as wild and crazy as you want with more than 50 interlocking track tiles. 2-6 players, 30 minutes


No Thanks!

Take a card or pay a chip. There’s a catch: cards give you points in a game where you need to have the fewest points to win, and the chips are very scarce! 3-5 players, 20 minutes


Pirates on the High Seas

Giant boats, working cannons, and a cunning opponent! Who will best steer their ship and aim their cannons to bring the most valuable treasures back? 2 players, 30 minutes


Ricochet Robots

Ricochet Robots is less of a game and more of a puzzle, as once a robot starts moving it will continue to move until a wall or another robot stops it. Move the required robot in the fewest moves. 1-15 players, 30 minutes



All players compete simultaneously and try to claim sets of cards. A set consists of three cards that are either all alike or all different in each of three attributes. 1-20 players, 30 minutes


Witch’s Brew

Players take turns at diff erent roles, but also compete for them. The player who can best choose when to take risks and compete, and when be cauti ous will win the game! 3-5 players, 45 minutes


Zombie Dice

You are a zombie. You want braaains. The 13 custom dice are your victims. Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop rolling before the shotgun blasts end your turn! 2-99 players, 10 minutes

Play To Win Games!

How it works: There are games in the Gaming Room that have been donated for attendees to take home! For each of the Play To Win games, you play the game and let a Gaming Room volunteer know. You’ll be entered into a drawing to win that game!

You can enter as many times as you like, and you can enter to win as many games as you like.

The drawing will take place on Sunday afternoon at closing ceremonies. You do not need to be present to win, however make sure we have your contact information if you will not be at the drawing. Check out the Gaming Room and have fun!

Available games include:


The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

A co-operative adventure game. Each round, players send their heroes and allies to quest or to fi ght. You will need to make hard choices about which goals to pursue. 1-2 players, 60 minutes

Donated by Time Well Spent Games | timewellspentgames.com


Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary Edition (2014)

Players collect cards that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. 2-5 players, 60 minutes

The Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition comes in an oversize game box featuring new cover design and graphics. It includes a giant US board map that is 50% larger than the original. It still uses the classic US routes, but with new illustrations and design. There are 5 sets of finely sculpted custom plastic trains, each featuring a different type of train car and unique paint scheme reminiscent of toy trains of yesteryear.

Donated by Time Well Spent Games | timewellspentgames.com


Forbidden Island

A co-operative board game set on a sinking island. Try to keep enough of the island from sinking while collecting treasures and items. 2-4 players, 30 minutes

Donated by Shep’s Games | shepsgames.com


Warmachine: High Command

A deck-building card game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. Leverage your resources, rally your armies, and dominate your foes to set your banner above all of western Immoren! 2-4 players, 60 minutes

Donated by Crit Castle Games | www.facebook.com/critcastlegames

Barter Bag Game

The popular trading game returns! Pick up your bag with your badge at registration, and then follow these rules:

1. Each attendee receives a Barter Bag when they check in at Registration. Should you desire more bags, and more trinkets to barter with, you can purchase them at Registration throughout the weekend.

2. Decide what you’d like to keep and what you’d like to trade away (this may be an ongoing decision).

3. Barter, bargain, tinker and trade to gather up the best collection of your chosen item or items.

4. Come to Closing Ceremonies at 4:30pm on Sunday to win prizes to befit the game!