2016 Guests of Honor

We love to bring special guests to MALCon. Our announced guests appear below.

 Jim Butcher – Featured Guest of Honor

2016 Jim Butcher-Headshot-small

Author of Codex Alera, Cinder Spires, and oh yes,The DRESDEN FILES!

That’s right! Author Jim Butcher is our featured Guest of Honor for the Myths and Legends Convention 2016!

MALCon fans have been asking for a focus on the Dresden Files for a few years, and this year we’re doing it in style, bringing in the creator of the curmudgeonly yet well-loved wizard private investigator. Now if only we can get Main Events to look like McAnally’s Pub…

2016 Musical Guest of Honor:
The Doubleclicks

2016-Performer-The Doubleclicks_small


Peri Charlifu – Artist Guest of Honor

2016-Artist-Peri Charlifu-headshot

Sifu Manny – Special Guest

2016-Guest-Manuel Rodriguez-headshot

Sifu Manny, also known as Manuel Rodriguez, is one of the world’s only masters of the rare martial arts form known as Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis.He was the martial arts coordinator for Toph Beifong on Avatar: The Last Airbender, whose moves were based on Sifu Manny’s Chu Gar form.

Sifu Kisu – Special Guest

2016-Guest-Sifu Kisu-headshot

Sifu Kisu was the fighting instructor and consultant for the Avatar: The Last Airbender. He used his extensive knowledge and experience in various forms of martial arts to bring authenticity and real-world actions to the various bending styles used by the characters and nations in the show.