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Myths and Legends Schedule Announced!

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Main Events

Friday evening, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm – Wizards’ Yule Ball (in the Fall)
Not Literally

Bring the family and put your wands in the air like you just don’t care! Dress up in your finest dress robes or represent your house or alignment in your favorite colors. Enjoy Not Literally and their take on the wizarding world as well as music and dancing and giveaways; friendly to all ages of witches and wizards.

Friday night, 9:30 pm – 12:00 pm – Browncoats Shindig
Pandora Celtica

Music and friendship. Hang out with your fellow Browncoats, old friends and new. Enjoy the stylings of Pandora Celtica while you forget your cares with Shimmerwine. We’ll finish the evening with a rousing chorus to the esteemed hero of Canton.

Saturday night, 6 pm – 12:00 pm – Buccaneer Bash
Not Literally, Pandora Celtica, The Kilted Man

The pirate tradition continues! Join in the revelry with the seventh annual Buccaneer Bash – food, cash bar, live music and more! Family friendly from 6 pm – 9:30 pm with shanty sing alongs and the crowning of the 2013 Pirate King. After 9:30 pm, it’s adults only for more singing and kilt blowing.

Sunday morning, 10:00 am – Hobbit Second Breakfast

After some early morning pirate yoga (or a bit of rest from the Buccaneer Bash festivities), join us for a Hobbit-style second breakfast. Advanced sign-up required, so reserve your spot today at BrownPaperTickets.com.

Sunday afternoon – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration
Michelle Talkington and Daniel Sharner

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beloved show, Doctor Who. We’ll start off at 1pm with a Doctor Who fashion show; any attendees in Whovian dress, be it friend or foe, are invited to join the parade. Entrants will be grouped by era and there may be a Jelly Baby Award for the least represented Doctor! At 2 pm, Girls of Geek 12 will showcase their 50 Year Tribute video. At 3 pm, join in the Doctor Who trivia. How much time and space do you recall?

Panels (A-C)

Airships & Pirates in Anime
K. Seibert, P. Wacks, C. Salas
Anime runs the gamut on setting. Which anime stories nailed what we expect from airships, pirates and even steampunk? Why were they good (or bad)?

Alliance LARP Denver
Jesse Grabowski
Enjoy a brief explanation of Alliance LARP Denver and then participate in the action (or watch) as a band of adventurers attempt to assist the locals with various problems that arise on any given day. (Combat and Role-Play)

Alliance LARP Denver “Tavern Night Murder Mystery”
Jesse Grabowski
It is Dame Draphan’s ten year anniversary of being knighted and she is inviting all nobles and commoners to her manor for a festive celebration. Come interact with various members of the land, and try not to get killed in the process. (No combat; all Roleplay)

Ancestry of Malcolm Reynolds
Tiffany Fugère
His parents are named on the “wanted” poster/screen, but who are they? Concocted 500 years of fake genealogy, using canon places/events and tied into actual families in present times. Watch for the Easter eggs in the genealogy; you might see some names you recognize!

Asian Mythos & Fantasy
M. Boroson, T. Heerman, V. Caethe
The boundaries between the East and West continue to dissolve, with more and more West fiction delving into Chinese, Japanese and other Asian culture for its source-material. Discover some of the history and mythos of the far East.


Bells and other Noisemakers
How many different ways can you ring a bell?


Blanket Forts
Remember how much fun it was to make forts in the livingroom with couch cushions? Let’s do it again! This time we’ll be using blankets and tables to take us on our imaginary journey to the ocean or stars – wherever we want to go!

Bodypainting with Mythica von Griffyn and Danny Dupree
Mythica von Griffyn and Danny Dupree
Come visit the ever popular artists Mythica von Griffyn and Danny Dupree as they create masterpieces on bodies.

Broomstick Pencils
Learn how to make you own pencil-sized Broomstick in a hands on session, and then take it with you!


Find yourself popping the bubblewrap before paying attention to what’s inside the package? Come and make some noise! Bubblewrap will be available for you to grab, twist, roll on – whatever makes you happy!

Cardboard Jewelry
Bangles, bow ties and beards! How creative can you get with a bit of cardboard and other random things? Come out and try your hand at making “jewelry” with supplies we provide and then show off your creations to our judges. All ages.

Chainmaille 101: Costume Armor and Jewelry
Billy Van Ark
This hands-on class will walk you through the basics of making chainmaille (a.k.a. maille). We’ll cover the tools of the trade (pliers, rings, and patterns), and learn how to make a simple piece of maille that you’ll take home with you!

Chainmaille 201: Inlays and Angles
Billy Van Ark
This hands-on class will answer any questions you have from Chainmaille 101, and then cover the basics of inlays (mixing colors to make an image or pattern) and joining pieces at angles (essential for maille shirts!)

Chaz Kemp: Meet the Artist
Chaz Kemp
Come meet Chaz Kemp, the artist behind the beautiful Art Nouveau illustrations for the Myths and Legends convention. He’s mostly harmless. Ask about his inspirations, his artistic style, his band Pandora Celtica and line up for free autographs.

Common Room
Enjoy some casual socializing time. Lounge in the common room, meet with your friends, and discuss what you’ve liked best about the con so far.

Cosplay Photography
Don Searle
How well do your convention photographs turn out? Do you get home, look at them, and wish they looked a little better? We can help! We will be holding a beginners photography class that focuses on how to take better cosplay pictures at a con. You will learn some basic rules and techniques that will make a difference right away. Of course the best way to truly learn is to practice, so you will put your new found skills to use. Take your pictures on Saturday, choose your best ones, and bring them back to class on Sunday to show them off. We will take some time to critique your work, and give you some pointers to work on.

Costuming with Wonderflex
Erin Card
Join Erin and her group of panelists as they demonstrate some of the great effects that can be achieved using Wonderflex in costuming. Hands-on and take home available. Note: Please bring a pencil, scissors, and a hair dryer if possible.

Panels (D-L)

D20 – Arthurian & Greek Myth RPG
Become a legend in these fast paced D20 settings based in Authurian and Greek mythology. Can you protect the Kingdom and its people or fall to the Medusa?

Doctor Who Past, Present and Future
Heather Maloney
Have you always wanted to discuss a visit to Raxacoricofallapatorius? Think you know what Steven Moffat has up his sleeve for the 50th Anniversary special? Then this panel is for you. Spend an hour with Heather Maloney, The National Doctor Who Examiner and host of The Geek Port Podcast for an interactive discussion about all things Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: 50 years of Companions
Heather Maloney
Since 1963 there have been numerous companions that have jumped aboard the TARDIS to travel through time and space. Which companions are your favorite? Which assistants could you have lived without? Spend an hour with Heather Maloney, The National Doctor Who Examiner and host of The Geek Port Podcast for an interactive discussion about the companions we love, and those we love to hate.

Drink the Tea
Vivian Caethe
The world of tea is varied and filled with history and tradition. But this doesn’t mean that tea has to be intimidating or overly complex. Rather, it can be a wonderful diversion, a lifelong occupation, and a comforting ritual. Drink the Tea is a guide to the basics of tea history, tradition and enjoyment, as well as a tea journal to guide your journey into the world of tea. Will you drink the tea?

Ebook Conversions
Quincy Allen
A brief seminar on how to format manuscripts and convert them to eBooks for sale or personal use–for when you just don’t want to wait to get picked up by a Publisher.

Fandom Films
Reel Nerds Podcast
Denver’s own Reel Nerds Podcast discusses the fandoms you love and the films built into them in a live podcast style panel. With each new summer blockbuster season the community of geek films grows and the number of fans grows with them. But which of these films has served their fans best, grown their fanbase the most, and what is the future of these fandom film franchises?

Favorite Heroes in Harry Potter
A. Mayer, P. Nihiser, V. Caethe
Who was your favorite Harry Potter hero and why? This will probably also turn into who was your favorite HP villain.

Friendship is What?
Jeffrey Kirby
Come along to the land of Equestria! Have you ever wondered what makes My Little Pony so popular? What’s the appeal of small horses in primary colors? Is the fandom really as creative as it appears to be? And just what the heck IS a Brony, anyway (spoiler, we might surprise you!) Aimed primarily at non-fans, we aim to discuss and explore the latest incarnation of My Little Pony. Come join us and see why friendship really is magic!

Game of Thrones
Ana MacDonell and Lorien Klette
Look into the fire with Melisandre of Asshai at The Song of Ice and Fire prophecies and loose ends. Spoilers!!! A look to the teasers that GRR Martin dropped all over the books to drive you insane. Trivia, and door prizes for awesome costumes.

Geek Crafts
Billy Van Ark and Rebecca Blake
The panelists discuss what geeky crafts they have made and how they made them, including: Jayne hat, stuffed police box, chainmaille shirts, and more! Please bring things you’ve made to share with everyone!

GMing 101: Learn to be a Game Master…or just look like one!
Do you want to run a roleplaying game? Does that book of rules just look too intimidating or is the pressure of being on the spot more than you can handle? Are you a player who wants to know what really goes on behind the GM screen when the snacks have run out and the players have gone home? BakuDan has been running roleplaying games for more than 20 years and he’s had enough inspiring moments of awesome and made enough terrible mistakes to feel like he can share it and teach you a thing or two to make you a better GM. Come learn from his experience and share tales of your own at this panel.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
Eneasz Brodski
Come learn more about the fanfic-in-progress that has quite the buzz in the internet community. Writer Eliezer Yudkowsky has taken rationalism and applied it to the beloved Harry Potter world. Eneasz Brodski of the HPMOR podcast will explain HPMOR, what is rationality, and how the fanfic diverges from the original books.

Kalijor RPG
Paul Lell
The Kalijor Role Playing Game is built on an entirely new game engine and is designed to help you and your players experience the world in your own ideal way.

Latex in Costuming
Paul Lell
Come learn how to use latex in your cosplay with a workshop demo. Watch Paul in a live demonstration during this interactive panel.

LGBT in Media
K. Seibert, P. Wacks, V. Caethe
The face of our society is changing. As a result, the face of fiction and fandom is changing. How has the LGBT movement affected mass media and even fandom?

Live Model Drawing
Kathryn Renta
Live model drawing doesn’t have to be boring! Come hone your skills in an hour long session of timed poses with music and costuming.

Panels (M-R)

Make a Wizard Wand
Make your own wizard wand! (Magic not included.)

Make Your Own Psychic Paper

Come and make your own psychic paper in the style of Doctor Who. It works for The Doctor, maybe it’ll work for you?

My Little Pony & Cross-overs: Expanding the Audience
M. Stone, P. Nihiser, V. Caethe
The MLP universe continues to expand, but the content and audience are somewhat specific. Is there value in doing MLP cross-overs? Are the memes of zombie My Little Pony herald to a new wave of MLP cross-overs?

My Little Pony Ears & Unicorn Horns
Rebecca Blake
Come and make your own pony ears as well as decorate your own unicorn horn. Be a pony or an alicorn; it’s up to you!

My Little Pony: Cosplay is Magic!
E. Erdman, J. Whitby, K. King, Nessa, M. Erdman
Hey everypony, from Los Pegasus to Manehattan! Join us for this fabulous chat about MLP cosplay! In this panel we will discuss what it is like to be in a group cosplay; the rewards, challenges and fun of it all. Also, we will be discussing how we made certain pieces of our cosplays, what inspired our vision for each character adaptation, how we made it all happen and more. We’re raring to see you!

Q. Allen, P. Wacks, J. Campbell, V. Caethe
The ins and outs of writing for NaNoWriMo. Why is it good training grounds for writers new and old?

Overdue for a Female Who?
C. Salas, V. Caethe, J. Campbell
There were rumors galore about the 12th Who being female. Good thing? Bad thing? Was it catering to the “strong women” themes throughout the industry and how would it have affected the whole of Whodome (if at all)?

Pirate Films: The Good, Bad & Ugly
C. Oakes, P. Nihiser, K. Renta
What are some great pirate films and which are the bad ones? What made them good or bad and what is the future of pirates in film.

Pirate King Competition
Be ye the King of Pirates for 2013? Compete in the Pirate King competition and lay claim to the right to carry the Staff of Bones! Will this year go to the current King, Captain Duckie Fou, or a new comer on the scene?

Pirate Yoga
Jennifer Garrett and Tiffany Carlyon
Come stretch out yer bones and limber up for the day with your favorites poses with a pirati cal twist. Challenge yourself by trying the Hungover Pirate (child’s pose) or Unfurling Sails (mountain pose). Open to all skill levels from swab to captain.

Pirates, Airships & Cannons (Arrr-Tech)
T. Heerman, A. Mayer, M. Stone, G. De Marco
The frigate, cutlass, zeppelin, cannon… how much do the accoutrements make pirate stories “pirate” stories, and what are the prevailing themes in a GOOD pirate story?

Pony Tail Making
Luna Shore
Come to this no-sew project panel to make your own pony tail out of yarn. All ages.

Proud to be a Brony!
Jeffrey Kirby
A round-table open discussion for any and every fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In this panel we will discuss the characters and why we love them, the story up until now, and speculate on the upcoming Season 4. A word of caution though, here there be spoilers!

Panels (S-Z)

Shadowcast: Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Enjoy singing along with your favorite bad guy as he blogs his way through his journey to join the Evil League of Evil. Will he get the girl? What about his nemesis, Captain Hammer? And what will become of Moist?

Shadowcast: Once More with Feeling
Didn’t get enough with Dr Horrible? Sti ck around and watch the Shadowcast perform along with Buff y and the Gang. Watch out for the bunnies!

Shaintar Justice and Life Campaign
Its been called “Die Hard meets Lord of the Rings” and here is your chance to join in on the newest living world from Sean Patrick Fannon. The Justice and Life campaign is an ever evolving high fantasy heroic setting that changes as you, the players, take active roles to change the world. Pre-made characters will be available or bring your own J&L character. More information can be found at www.shainter.com.

Sheros and the Men Who Love Them
Amber Zeta
A glimpse into the archetypal patterns of gender from the hit series and movie, Firefly and Serenity. We will explore gender expectations and how Serenity turns all that on its head and does back flips. With a Masters in Mythology Studies with a Depth Psychology emphasis, Ms. Zeta enjoys storytelling, myth, pop culture, and geekdom. Mythic coaching available via Zeta Moon, LLC. For more information, email zetamoonllc@gmail.com.

So You Wanna Make a Video?
Not Literally
Join the team behind Not Literally Productions for a panel about creating content for web. Professional VFX artist and video editor, Erik will give you tips on the best ways to shoot footage and edit video, and Ginny and Dana will show you how to streamline the creative process and get eyes on your work. From the concept to the final product, Not Literally will show you how to get your ideas from your mind to the screen.

So You Want to Turn Your Hobby into a Business…
T. Heerman, K. Seibert, T. Fowler, G. De Marco
There are plenty of hobbies in fiction fandom, from costumes to artwork to tea to writing to pretty much everything. How does one go about making a living or at least creating income with a hobby?

Storytelling and Fairy Tales
Tomas O’Dreams
Tomas O’Dreams has been entertaining both adults and children since 1987. Tomas is quick to tell a story or share the secrets of Fairy life with those who listen. Usually this trickster can be seen at Renaissance Festivals and Fairy Events around the Colorado area.

Sword Fighting 101
Troy Fluhr
Want to learn more about sword fighting but have little to no experience? This is the place for you! Troy brings his equipment and years of experience with “boffer” swords and will teach basic stances, blocks and attacks and participants will have the opportunity to practice maneuvers with each other. Friday night ages 13+ welcome; Saturday ages 7+ welcome.

Sympathetic Villains – The New Master
Q. Allen, T. Fowler, M. Stone, J. Campbell, C. Oakes
The old Master was patently evil. A nasty curmudgeon with nefarious designs. The new Master was made into a sympathetic villain of galactic proportions. How does this change Who and how do sympathetic villains change our take on fiction?

Tea Duelling
Tiffin Master Dame Ursual Whiffenpott
Hoist your Biscuits and Prepare to Duel!! Join Tiffin Master Dame Ursula Whiffenpott for a spirited Sudden Death Tea Dueling Tournament, sponsored by Dryad Tea! Never heard of a Tea Duel? Never fear! Tea Dueling requires only two things of its participants – steady hands and neat manners! Come test your nerves against your fellow con-goers! All participants recieve a complimentary cup of Dryad Tea!

The Hobbit: 1, 2 or 3 Feature Films?
Q. Allen, T. Heerman, J. Campbell, V. Caethe
There’s been plenty of hub-bub about “The Hobbit” being too long and not deserving of three films. This discussion will go over the pros and cons.

The SFWA Debacle: Mysoginy & Bigotry In Fiction
M. Boroson, K. Seibert, M. Stone, C. Oakes
The war rages on. SFWA’s reputation continues to get sullied by blogs as a result of the “Cover in Question” and the Resnik retort. What does this mean for SFWA and how is this on-going debate affecting genre fiction as a whole?

Unsung Heroines of Fandom
K. Renta, C. Kemp, Z. Frazure
With Professor McGonagall as a starting point, who are some of the great unsung heroines of fiction/fandom? Who do we revere and why? The same goes for villainesses.

Weapons and Combat in Fiction
M. Boroson, P. Wacks, M. Stone
Swords, guns, cannons and fisticuffs–the tools of the trade of good writing? How, what, and where are they used, and when is it over the top? When does it fall flat on its a**?

Josh Wash Whitby
Come join your fellow Whedonites to talk, share, argue and discuss your love for all of Whedon’s creations! Buffy, Firefly, Avengers, Dr Horrible and more. More thrilling than staying at a cabin in the woods, more insane than living in a dollhouse.

Where Does Firefly Go From Here?
Q. Allen, T. Heerman, T. Fowler
So Firefly was cut short. There are rumors of a graphic novel. There are rumors of a restart. Can what was be resurrected into what is? Should it be? If so, how?

Who’s Your Favorite Who?
P. Wacks, P. Nihiser, J. Campbell
Just like it sounds. With 11 to choose from and a 12th on the way, which is your favorite and why?

Why Firefly Was Cut Short
C. Oakes, C. Salas, K. Renta
An entire generation of geekdom is scratching their heads about the end of Firefly. Why was it cut short and how can fandom prevent the best from getting chopped by studio execs?

Women in Media and Fiction
M. Boroson, K. Seibert, C. Salas, K. Renta
The discussion continues, but now with a focus on whether the discussion itself has become part of the problem. By talking about “strong women in fiction” are we by default presuming that women aren’t?

Women in Pirating
Holly Larson Smith
Female pirates began roaming the seas in the 3rd century as fearless rulers, merciless marauders, and fiercely independent entrepreneurs. They looted all over the globe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, from the Chinese government to the Roman Empire. Learn how these women became successful pirates and how they were able to amass vast riches, glory, and notoriety.

Writing Series: Getting Pigeon-Holed
M. Boroson, T. Fowler, C. Salas, C. Oakes
Authors frequently become famous for writing that one great EPIC series – and when they step outside those boundaries, they fall flat. What are the perils of getting pigeon-holed in your own series? (vis-a-vis Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling)


Open gaming starting at 5 pm on Friday and available all weekend. RPGs will also be running throughout the weekend; check the room for a complete schedule.

A few of our scheduled items include:

Friday, 5 PM to 9 PM: Kalijor RPG

Friday, 8 PM to 12 PM: Shaintar J&L RPG

Saturday, 9 AM to 9 PM: Come play Lord of the Rings themed games. If you don’t know how, we can teach you!

Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM: Shaintar J&L RPG

Saturday, 3 PM to 7 PM: Kalijor RPG

Saturday, 4 PM to 6 PM: Get your pirate on in our Liar’s Dice tournament!

Saturday, 8 PM to 12 PM: Shaintar J&L RPG